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0946 - TV Post: Week of 1/17

Before I start my weekly TV discussion, I wanted to wish Happy Belated Birthdays to dreamchaser & geckoholic! Hope you both had great birthdays. =)

Supergirl: I felt so bad for Winn in this episode. With everything with his dad, then being turned down by Kara when he tried to kiss her. Poor thing! And his father forcing him to shoot his old boss, that was terrible! Not sure how I feel about Lucy working at Cat Co. now. I don't dislike her really, but I was liking James/Kara in the beginning. And the end of the episode, with Maxwell finding out Supergirl's identity! I didn't see that coming.

Pretty Little Liars: I don't like that Ali is so supsicious of Aria. I get that it looks bad, since Aria is avoiding her. But Aria was also the only one who said she didn't want Charlotte to be freed, so it would make sense for her to be feeling guilty about that. I know they're making it look like Aria or Ezra killed Charlotte, but that's what this show does. Since they immediately made them look like suspects that automatically means they didn't do it. Sara is definitely suspicious but I think she'd be an obvious choice, too. I'm thinking it's possible it could have been Mona. I mean, Mona had a change of heart at the hearing that seemed sincere, but was it really? Maybe this was part of her plan. Who knows, I'm sure I'll change my mind about who killed Charlotte quite a few times before we find out the truth.

The Flash: I felt really bad for Joe in this episode, with the way Wally was acting. I get that Wally feels abandoned, but it was his mom that kept him from his father and sister. I was glad that in the end Wally came around a bit, once Joe suggested they try to be friends first rather than jumping right in to being father and son. I knew Barry wouldn't end up telling Patty he was the Flash quite yet, but I wasn't expecting that she would leave Central City in the end. I hope it's not permanent, even though I do want Barry with Iris eventually.

Teen Wolf: So happy that Kira is back with the pack! I was afraid this might get dragged out a bit, with the Skinhunters forcing her to stay with them. But it was Scott and Stiles to the rescue! I also loved all the Scott/Stiles scenes during the roadtrip. It was good to see them get back to normal again. I'm curious to see what Theo knows about the Desert Wolf and her having Deacon, and also how he knows this information.

Shadowhunters: I don't have a ton of thoughts yet, but I'm still enjoying this show. I really liked the Simon/Isabelle scenes. It's been a while since I read the books but Simon being kidnapped by the vampires didn't happen until later in the series, right? I could be wrong but it felt like this was too soon. But I guess that's a good thing, I think it's better if the show stays at least a little different than the books were. Also, need more Magnus! I hope his role gets bigger pretty soon.

Arrow: I felt so bad for Oliver in this episode, he obviously blames himself for what happened to Felicity. It may be because Dahrk was after him, but Felicity knew the risks of being with him and being a part of Team Arrow. I thought it was pretty stupid of him not to visit her in the hospital, but I also could understand why he was staying away. I don't believe that Felicity will be paralyzed forever, but who knows? I really like Thea/Alex and I really hope he doesn't end up being evil. And now we officially know that it is not Felicity in the grave. My guess would be Diggle? I hope I'm wrong though. I suppose Lance is still a possibility too, but Diggle seems more likely. =/

Legends of Tomorrow: I love this show so far! Basically everyone on the team is great. I love that it's funny at times and I think it'll be very interesting to see how they all work together, since they are all so different. Loved the scene with Sara in the bar with Cold and Heatwave. And when they returned to the ship and Snart made a comment about them coming back to find Boba Fett or something like that had me laughing. Found it interesting that the professor guy was Hawkgirl's & Hawkman's son from a past life! I didn't see that coming. It was sad he still died even though they thought they could save him. Really looking forward to seeing how this show plays out.
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